Industrial Tyres

Kirkby stock industrial tyres in all sizes from 8” through to 20” in economy makes from Asia and Eastern European countries, with ARMOUR being the main brand, together with major brands from Japan, U.S.A. and Western Europe. In most instances the economy brands come as “sets”, that is tyre, tube and flap inserted.

tyre 2

The range covers forklifts, straddle cranes, container lifts and carriers of every description from every part of the world. In addition to the tyres and wheels, fitted units can be supplied to meet all eventualities.

To complement the pneumatic side of the business, Kirkby have available a range of solid tyres and P.O.B.s to satisfy any demand, and again can organise fitment if required.

This range of industrial tyres is also available at Kirkby Tyres (Ireland),

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