Do you like luxurious and comfortable vehicles? Of course everybody likes luxurious vehicles if they have personal chauffeur.  A lot of innovations and developments have been done on vehicles to improve their comfort ability and safety. True luxury vehicles are considered to be those that offer a high level of comfort, power, innovation and safety hence elevating them above traditional contemporary cars. The following are the features that put passengers and drivers in the world of luxury.

drivelineinstuttgartcityA luxurious interior of the vehicle should have sumptuous leather seats that can power-adjust to perfectly fit you. Also the interior materials should be of high quality to ensure full satisfaction. The interior should also have a fine carpeting and trim. Other special features are; a climate control system to allow the user to adjust the temperatures to the desired level, the interior lighting should set an ambiance resemblance to a fine theater or restaurant ; a quiet tuning technology that minimizes sound from the outside as you drive. It is no surprise that NYT says the rich and famous are spending more than ever on luxury chauffeurs.

A smooth and comfortable ride comes with precise and responsive handling of the vehicle. A modern luxury suspension system delivers a smooth and a compliant ride that is capable in several environments.

High end vehicles have an advanced entertainment and navigation system technology installed in them. There are systems that link your car with your smartphone. This makes it possible for you to make a call and select radio stations and personal music with your voice only. A big, bold in dash touch sensitive navigation system ensures that you are always on track, connected as well as entertained without using your finger.

Modern and more fuel- efficient engines enable you to have high performance and economy in the same package. With modern technologies such as eAssist you are able to have a 182 horsepower in your vehicle that outputs 36 miles per gallon. In addition, eAssist has a lithium-ion battery and an electric motor added to the engine. This helps in saving on gas while still attaining the best throttle response as from a luxury vehicle.

An essential quality for luxury vehicles is an advanced technology in safety. These vehicles are fitted with seven air bags, a rear cross traffic alert, forward collision alert, a side blind zone alert system and a lane departure warning system. These features help you to be aware and alert of any dangers in the surrounding. This quality safety features and well-designed safety package enhances your confidence hence making your mind to be relaxed. This includes have new tires installed. Make sure any chauffeur service you use has these features.